How to Play Hands in Omaha Poker

How Not to Play Bad Aces

Another spectrum of how you should not play aces is when you have a really bad hand, with aces in them. Let’s take the worst kind of “ace” hand for example; AcAs7h2d, it is unsuited, and has no valued side cards whatsoever. Ok, you can make a straight with A2-345, but that is IT. The only other thing you can hit is an Ace, but usually the board is still scary, especially when you reach a non-board pairing turn. Continue reading How to Play Hands in Omaha Poker

Earn Money Playing Poker Online

In this day and age, with all of the jobs becoming extremely tight and rough to find – why not play some poker to earn an income?  Now, of course, this is a very, very uncommon way to earn money, however, there are many different avenues that you can go down and if you play your cards right, you might be able to make a ton of money. Continue reading Earn Money Playing Poker Online

How to Not Go Broke in Poker

So is there any way to keep from going broke in poker?  Well, yeah, you either don’t play or you play responsibly, right?  Sure.  But sometimes, when the cards are coming down hot and every place is just the nuts, you start to lose a little bit of your control and that whole responsible bit seems easier said than done.  Saying you’re not going to keep playing Texas Hold Em or Omaha when you start losing is easy in theory.  In practice, well not so much. Continue reading How to Not Go Broke in Poker

Three Skills Every Poker Player Should Have

To play poker well and win often, every poker player needs a set of skills beyond the knowledge of the game. These skills give them the edge over the house and the other players, help them know when to call and when to fold, and allow them to bring in more wins. Just knowing the rules of your favorite game of poker is not enough. Fortunately, these skills can be learned and no poker player has to come by them naturally to win. Continue reading Three Skills Every Poker Player Should Have

What is Red Dog Poker?

Red Dog is a form of poker played at many casinos. Red Dog is a popular game because it is based largely on luck and little skill is involved. Poker players who have never played the game before can easily pick it up. Red Dog is played on a table with up to sixteen players and one dealer.

Red Dog is based on a three card game, compared to the five card game found at most poker tables. The dealer deals two cards face up to the table. It is the player’s job to then bet if the third card will fall between the values of the two cards already placed on the table.

Red Dog moves very quickly, and if a player is lucky it is an easy game to accumulate winnings in.

How Do I Play Red Dog?

Before the game is started all players who wish to be in that round of Red Dog must place an Ante bet. This Ante bet qualifies the player for the round. There is often a minimum, and occasionally a maximum, set by the casino.

Once every player has placed an Ante bet the dealer will deal two cards face up. These two cards will display a range that the third card must fall within.

The player then has the option to bet or fold based on the two cards on the table. If the players chooses to fold the Ante bet is lost. If a player wishes to continue they must raise his or her Ante bet.

Once all Ante bets are raised the dealer will place the third card face down on the table. If the third card falls within the range of the first two cards the player wins. If the third card is higher or lower then the first two cards dealt, the house wins.

Every card in the deck has a value similar to standard five card poker hands. Face cards are worth their face value. From there the cards are worth an ascending value with Jacks being eleven, Queens being 12, Kings being 13, and Aces being 14.

How Does Betting Work in Red Dog?

Betting in Red Dog is similar to most poker games. Every player is required to place an Ante bet within the casino’s pre-set minimum and maximum amounts.

Players who choose to stay in the game after the first two cards are dealt must raise their Ante bet once to stay in the hand. Often, players are allowed to raise their Ante bet as high as they wish, but most casinos still require a minimum amount.

In Red Dog the odds of winning are highly based on the first two cards dealt by the dealer. If the two cards are similar in face value, the odds are low for the players and high for the house. If the two cards have a difference of seven or more the odds are greatly in favor of the players.

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